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Newspaper Row

Newsies Fandom Meets LJ

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All things Newsies fandom.
Newsies fandom is super fun, so why not bring it to LJ, where it can show up in digestible chunks on your very own friendslist? In that spirit, Newspaper Row exists.

This is a community for any and all fannish activities related to the movie Newsies.

Because, see, I'm not a huge fan of Yahoo!groups, which is where most of the fandom seems to congregate. So I figured, why not try to carve out a space for us in the wild world of LJ? Most of us here already check our f-lists pretty obsessively, so it seems like a good idea. So basically, anything and everything that is on topic is welcome here. Examples (though don't limit yourselves to them, by any means!) are meta, MSTings, general silliness, casting calls, fic updates/plugs, fandom resources, fanfic recs, info on the actors/crew members and their current projects, picspams (PLEASE do post picspams! *g*), icons/graphics, and so on.

Further information and community rules are located here. There aren't many of them, so please do take the minute it requires to read through.

Membership is open to everyone! So please join and have fun. Questions? Comments? Contact queenitsy at kidblink[at]queenitsy[dot]com.