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Newspaper Row
Newsies Fandom Meets LJ
the javid spectrum: a newsies/drake & josh/big time rush meta theory. 
3rd-Oct-2010 10:08 am
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So madwomanpoems and I came up with this little crazy meta theory that we wanted to share.

While it isn't strictly Newsies - it focuses on three fandoms, the other two being Big Time Rush and Drake & Josh - the Newsies discussion is the basis of the essay, and even if you haven't seen BTR or D&J, it's all thoroughly explained and easy to understand out of context. On the Newsies side, it's a pretty in-depth analysis of Jack/David, Spot/Race, and Blink/Mush and how they form the basis for some of the main pairing types in other fandoms.

( follow the fake cut to the javid spectrum! )
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